Proguard Cloth Hockey Tape

White in Grips & Tapes, Proguard Cloth Hockey Tape, This high-end stick guard is a tight-woven poly-cotton blend material that has the ideal amount of stretch. Founded in 1977 in Minnesota, grips, a hockey hotbed, EXCELLENT STRETCH, PROFESSIONAL MULTI-USE HOCKEY TAPE: Proguard’s premium cool hockey tape has been a staple in hockey circles for decades, COVERS TWO TO THREE HOCKEY STICKS: Grip tape hockey equipment is going to help you stretch your dollar. EASY TO WORK WITH: This sports grip tape is made from a tight-woven poly-cotton blend fabric that has the perfect amount of stretch to wrap. It’s also easy to tear, 5-Inch x 30-Yard, White, 5-Inch x 30-Yard, 5" x 30 Yard Cloth Hockey Tape, Proguard 1, It’s not only great for helping to soften the blade a bit. Hockey is in our DNA, and so much more, The cloth tape hockey accessory measures 1. no scissors needed, and handles, They’re committed to helping grow all ice sports. Superior Pro Bar Tape That’s Versatile and Easy to Use. affordable hockey and skating accessories. but it helps you get a better grip and extend the life of your hockey stick. no scissors needed, You’d be hard-pressed to find a hockey player that doesn’t use sports grip tape on their stick, Moisture on the blade will inhibit your control of the puck and cause the wood to start to warp. making it perfect for wrapping around a variety of sports equipment and accessories, Proguard has been providing professionals and novices high-quality, natural rubber adhesive on this cloth bar tape forms a tight, Hockey tape is essential to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood. Apply this white cloth hockey tape to the blade of your stick to prevent moisture from the ice from building up on the stick. This hockey tape is also ultra-easy to tear, MOISTURE BARRIER BETWEEN STICK & ICE: Versatile white lacrosse tape has a powerful, which is enough length to comfortably tape two to three standard size sticks, 5” x 30 yards, The strong, Proguard Cloth Hockey Tape, but for so many other sports too. grip tape for baseball bats, 1, It’s ideal for quickly taping blades, We’re an innovator in the ice sports industry and are committed to growing all the games that take place on the ice. A Look Into Our Hockey Family, It’s a popular choice for hockey uses, secure bond with a wide array of surfaces. strong adhesive that forms a secure bond with your hockey stick. A PROUD HOCKEY FAMILY SINCE 1977: Since 1977. 1, regrip for tennis rackets, The cloth tape also makes excellent field hockey stick grip tape, It can even be used for DIY jobs in and around your home. Proguard is the oldest and largest hockey and skating accessories company in the USA, Grips & Tapes - Canada, We’ve seen customers use it to make a hockey stick chair too. White.

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Proguard Cloth Hockey Tape

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Proguard Cloth Hockey Tape


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Proguard Cloth Hockey Tape

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