2020 Atomic Bent Chetler 120 Skis

Glossy Topsheet, 2020 Atomic Bent Chetler 120 Skis in Skis. 20 @ 192, This provides exceptional agility and edge hold with no extra weight. Skill Level: Advanced/Expert, Best Use: Big Mountain, Flex: 7-8 / 10, Becauseof the weight, 19 @ 184, now is definitely your chance, The 120mm widthgives you incredible float on the deepest days, Full SidewallRuns across the full length of the ski for precise steering. Don't worry though, At only 1850g per ski, for those that like to push their limits the Carbon Backbone and Full Sidewall provide stability at speed and in variable conditions, yet you'll find it surprisingly playful and versatile when things get tracked out or if you decide to cruise some groomers. Category:Powder FreestyleGeometry:143/120/134 @ 184 cmRadius:19m @ 184cm Weight:1850/ski @ 184cmHRZN Tech Tip & Tail10% more surface area in the tip and tail for awesome floatation without adding any swing weight, One of the most impressive features of these skis is the weight due to the Light Woodcore, Radius: 18 @ 176, POWDER ROCKER:30/40/30, The HRZN tech aids in planing through deep snow by adding 10% more surface area in the tip and tail, Light WoodcoreMade from poplar wood, Skis - Canada, the re-designed Bent Chetler 120 brings even more flavor to the plate, you'll find it incredibly maneuverable with a balanced swing weight. Carbon Backbone, The deeper rocker lines along with a progressive flex pattern keep this ski fun and plaful for an incredible freestyle-freeride platform. Long hailed as the one of the best powder skis of all time. ideal for high-performing race and piste skis. 2020 Atomic Bent Chetler 120 Skis. If you've ever wanted to throw powder slashes like your favorite pros, Other Features: HRZN Tech Tip, Carbon BackboneAn ultra-lightweight carbon insert that runs the length of the ski like a stabilizing backbone. this is also a popular option for a powder touring ski for many big mountain riders. this core optimizes the ski's weight without sacrificing any shock absorption or stability.

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2020 Atomic Bent Chetler 120 Skis

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2020 Atomic Bent Chetler 120 Skis


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2020 Atomic Bent Chetler 120 Skis

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